Alistair Smith

Education Strategy Adviser

Alistair Smith



Alistair has over 25 years’ experience in influential training and development roles. In that time, he has completed over 1,600 presentations, events or programmes and worked in schools or colleges in every education authority in the UK.  He has written best-selling and award winning books.

As an Education Strategy Adviser for a major Technology Company with a global reach, Alistair is an expert at facilitating learning.

Alistair has worked in sport for the Football Association for 17 years and for football clubs from the Premiership to the Conference. His links with elite sport have given him access to some of the world’s leading high performance organisations and provided first hand insights into how they are structured and led.

Alistair delivers motivational presentations, facilitates leadership training, provides guidance on professional development and runs workshops on topics related to learning, motivation and organisational culture. He always continues to learn and tries to make a difference.

His website is at AlistairSmithLearning and he can be found on Twitter @alatalite. He is also on LinkedIn and has a YouTube Channel, showcasing his video work.

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