Anna Trethewey

Anna Tretheway

Anna is working towards making education fairer by undertaking research into the biggest issues in education today and supporting organisations who work with children and young people to develop their impact. In her role as Executive Director at LKMco, her focus is particularly on how to retain and develop the teaching workforce and how to grow the next generation of school leaders. She also supports organisations who work with young people by being a critical friend, helping them develop their theories of change and put in place evaluation frameworks as they shape their programmes. Previous clients include the Greater London Authority, Teach First, Action Tutoring and Researchers in Schools.

Anna is also committed to highlighting how important a well-rounded curriculum is in preparing young people are for the wider world. She sits on the Ofsted Curriculum Advisory Panel and regularly speaks at events such as WomenEd, the Mayor’s annual education conference and headteacher conferences, talking about curriculum, leadership, recruitment and retention.

Throughout her career, she has been committed to increasing equality of opportunity for all, first as a youth worker and school Poet-in Residence and later as a teacher and school leader, working in the East of England, Slough and Lewisham. At the start of her career, she worked in one of the toughest schools in England as it became a flagship sponsored academy, taking on departmental responsibility. Later, she became a school leader in Norwich, responsible for pupils’ attainment and progress.

She has been a senior tutor on Teach First’s teacher training programme and she is on the advisory board for Apples and Pears, a charity that fund enrichment activities for pupils and their families, particularly those in areas of disadvantage. She is an annual judge for the Never Such Innocence’s annual school poetry competition and a trustee of the Quaker charity, FSSE.

Get in touch: @annatreth | LinkedIn | LKMco

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