Brian Lightman


Brian is an accomplished and entertaining speaker used to engaging with audiences of all kinds and sizes in all parts of the UK and leading courses etc. He is able to address, facilitate and chair conferences, seminars and workshops on a wide range of topics including the following examples:


  • Education policy, the British education system and system leadership.
  • Leadership development – role of middle and senior leaders, preparation for promotion.
  • School self evaluation and inspection
  • Coaching – Brian has been trained in the GROWTH model.
  • Mentoring, induction and support of new senior and middle leaders.
  • Teacher supply, recruitment and retention, succession planning.
  • Professional learning and development
  • Careers education/employability/work experience including development of ‘character’
  • Leadership of the curriculum
  • Qualifications and assessment
  • Modern Foreign Languages
  • Pedagogy in general
  • School ethos and values
  • System leadership


Brian was General Secretary of the Association of School and College Leaders from September 2010 – January 2016. During his tenure the membership of the Association increased from 15000-18500. He was President of the Association in 2007-8 during which time he chose ‘Leading Professionals’ as his theme for the year. Between 2012 and 2014 he led a second ‘Great Education Debate’ which attracted widespread interest and paved the way for the blueprint for a self improving system published by ASCL in 2015

Brian is acknowledged as an authority on the English and Welsh education systems. As an invited speaker he regularly contributes to seminars and conferences on education, leadership and governance, has contributed to numerous publications and has frequently appeared in the media. Broad experience within the English and Welsh education systems has included extensive representation on UK and Welsh Assembly Government committees, being an external examiner and an Estyn inspector.

Brian is a Patron of the National Citizen Service and serves on the boards of the Careers and Enterprise company and the PiXLEdge charity

Brian is a ‘Leading Thinker’ for the National Education Trust.

Brian was a Director of Careers Wales – Cardiff and the Vale from 2002-10 and was a trustee of St Donat’s Art’s Centre from 1996-9

Brian is listed in ‘Who’s Who’ and has been included in Debrett’s list of the 500 most inspiring and influential people in Britain today.

Further details and references can be found at

Brian Lightman, Former General Secretary of the ASCL

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