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In 2010 Kate Allatt, a 70 mile a week off road fell runner and an extremely active mother of 3 suffered massive brainstem stroke and went onto develop ‘locked in syndrome’  leaving her able to think, feel, see and hear everything around her ……. but unable to move a single muscle.

Through pure drive and determination over the last eight years, Kate has won the ‘Extraordinary Women’ Award (2011) and has written an internationally published book ‘Running Free – Breaking out of Locked-In Syndrome’, founded and ran her global digital advocacy charity Fighting Strokes.

Kate regularly speaks and delivers workshops in the educational sector to headteachers, schools, graduates, the Big Four, large PLC’s, leaders across pharmaceuticals, banking, the NHS leadership academy, retail and law firms and health care professionals.

Kate has pioneered successful research whilst raising hundreds of thousands of pounds and in 2017 Kate was made an Honorary Doctorate Litterarum by Sheffield Hallam University – their highest award and considered beyond a PhD – for her ongoing global influencing work in stroke advocacy and research since her own illness in 2010.

Kate is a prolific health influencer on Twitter, an international media commentator and blogs for The Huffington Post.  She talks about ‘Thinking Differently’, ‘Bouncing Back’, ‘The keys to unlocking TRUST’, ‘When a doctor becomes a patient’, ‘Inspiring Marginal Gains’ …

In the words of Winston Churchill, Kate ‘likes things to happen and if they don’t happen she makes them happen!’

“Kate Allatt was an inspiration to the Mount St Mary’s Sixth Form, during her recent presentation.  Confronting profound personal tragedy with such positivity moved every audience member.   Listening to the triumph of hope, determination and resilience over catastrophe and despair was a profound experience for the group.  I can whole-heartedly recommend Kate Allatt’s story to young and old.”

“Kate Allatt is an extraordinary woman whose life experience touches the lives of every person she meets. Her drive, passion and determination to overcome all odds placed against her is truly inspirational and motivational, on so many levels.”

 “Kate Allatt is an outstanding speaker with an extraordinary story, delivered with passion, humour and great warmth. She gives very careful thought to her audience and their needs, tailoring what she says in a way that brings out the best in any audience.”

“Working alongside Kate Allatt is an absolute privilege. Kate is a fantastic and generous story teller and she has one of the most inspiring personal stories I have ever heard! When Kate stands up and calmly shares her experience of recovery from locked in syndrome, you can hear a pin drop, everyone in the room is deeply touched by her courage and determination.”

To find out more about Kate and her journey visit her website or follow Kate on Twitter @KateAllatt

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