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This blog is a fortnightly share of educational aspects which have been of interest to me (due to a few issues experienced on WordPress, this week’s blog is being shared after three weeks…).

Each fortnightly post will feature a combination of the following:

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Since the start of 2020, I have attended and delivered a number of training sessions based upon leadership development. My latest round up will therefore focus upon the topic of leadership and key points that have resonated.

Leadership blog posts:

I came across this particular blog by accident and was immediately struck by the title, especially as I feel that educational accountability is sometimes undertaken in a fairly punitive way.

Marlene Chism’s article ‘Why leaders struggle with accountability’ can be easily applied to an educational context. She outlines five main reasons why many leaders struggle with accountability and what can be done to construct an accountable culture where staff can feel supported to do their best work:

Leadership books

Leadership Plain and Simple by Steve Radcliffe

After I heard Steve deliver his key note at the inaugural annual conference for Leadership Matters (more on that later in this blog), I decided to follow up his suggestion and read his book again, notably Chapter 7 – Be At Your Best, More of the Time. This chapter encourages us to ‘spend more time being who we want to be as leaders’. In order to do this, we need to consciously practice these two aspects:

  1. Awareness in any moment of who you’re being and whether it’s who you want to be
  2. Choose who you want to be.

Steve also compared the impact of ‘At Your Best’ versus ‘Just Surviving’ upon our ‘Four Energies’ (Emotional Energy, Intellectual Energy, Physical Energy and Spirit Energy’) which can either result in having ‘high energy’ where we are ‘focused with high standards to deliver’ or ‘low energy’ due to ‘triggers’ that work against our leadership focus.

Leadership Matters 3.0 by Andy Buck

I will be honest and say that in spite of having a copy of this book for a while, I cherry picked paragraphs to read. This changed when I attended and presented at a Leadership Matters Meet event in October 2019. During the event, Andy Buck delivered a comprehensive overview of the book, which in my mind, helped to bring it alive. This inspired me to read more of the book. As part of my preparation for a training session with a senior leadership, I learnt just how good the book really is. It truly covers everything required to be a great school leader.

Schools that sign up for Leadership Matters (£295 + VAT for an unlimited number of users),  have direct access to some of the best leadership development videos I have come across. Every video helps to crystallise the core messages within each chapter and has power point slides that include reflection questions (the site also has a variety of leadership diagnostic tools). Furthermore, there is a Reflective Journal to accompany the book.

Everyone Succeeds by Steve Margetts

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Leadership training

Having had first hand experience of attending the Leadership Matters annual event in Birmingham (January 2020), I am still reflecting on how good it was. The fact that, three weeks later, I am considering key points that I took away from the day, is an indicator of how powerful the training was. Thanks to Steve Radcliffe, I now have a model in my mind about the energies for the roles of a operator, manager or leader (see image below).

Image credit: Bukky Yusuf

I need to revisit the tool and strategies to identify / enhance levels of colleague engagement.

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Leadership Coaching opportunity

It is not every day that senior leaders get an opportunity to receive high quality coaching for free. Mike Buchanan (who is also an Ambassador for Leadership Matters) is a HMC Executive Director and Executive Coach that is offering six online coaching sessions to a small number of people. Interest in this is high, so if you are keen to take up his offer, use LinkedIn to find Mike and respond to his post.

Leadership podcasts

Thanks to my friend Sammy (@mindfulmiss1) for introducing me to the podcasts by the brilliant Patrick Lencioni. I came across Patrick’s leadership books several years ago and anticipated that his ‘At The Table’ podcast series would include significant learning points. Episode 24 is called ‘That’s Not Good Enough’.

How would you feel if you heard these words, especially if this comment was made by your Line Manager? I think that the potential for emotional fall out is high, yet Patrick and his team discuss how we can use this phrase to bring out the best in each other and avoid it being derogatory.

I thought that the discussions and ideas within this particular episode were extremely interesting. An example of this is the proposal that these four words are actually framed around aspects of accountability which has the person’s best interest at heart. However, in order to deliver this, there must be a framework around team trust and healthy conflict.

The link for the podcast is here ( and I will be interested to hear of thoughts in relation to this strategy.

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