Nurturing Hearts & Minds

Written by Makeda Cole

It’s  week.

Almost every school has a mission statement however very few actually use said values in action.  Values-driven environments can aid leaders to structure vision and align decisions for the school based upon the values set. Supportive values-led schools allow for well-being and mental health to be nurtured and included in personal development journey for both pupils and staff. Values-led environments can be an ideal incubator for developing well-rounded children with a wide range of real-world skills. Head teacher of a brand-new school Hannah Wilson, details using values in action as a framework for leading her school community. Through self-reflection and coaching, Hannah shares how she to developed strategies to support the implementation of a value-led culture. Building a valued-led education can be challenging if you’ve only experienced a toxic school culture thus, the article outlines steps taken to action mission statements in a school.

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