The 4 Traits of Supportive & Nurturing Schools

Written by Makeda Cole

Great school leaders are born out of nurturing environments that value staff. Neglected staff well-being can lead to serious negative effects for the school environment, staff members and ultimately on pupil performance. Stress can deplete energy, impacting how we cope and how we respond to work. Therefore we can all agree that, since the workplace is where teachers spend most of their time, there needs to be a crucial focus on fostering environments that value well-being not only for staff, but also for pupils. So, how do we spot a supportive and nurturing school?
As a previous headteacher Viv Grant is no stranger to what it takes to run an entire school. As an executive coach, Viv actively utilises her expertise to support Head teachers and school leaders, helping them to overcome the challenges of their roles. Viv highlights the four traits that are present in a nurturing school to yield positive effects within the school community.

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Does your school reflect these 4 traits?

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