The Talking Teachers – with Andy Buck!

The Talking Teachers Podcast.

(A brand new podcast for anyone interested or involved in education)

The Talking Teachers are committed to sharing their passion with people across all Key Stages, in any type of education, at any stage in their teaching career and at any level, including leadership. Each episode focuses on the issues that are important to us as classroom practitioners and lovers of learning. They deal with topics from workload and wellbeing to behaviour management and so much more.

The team also provide a ‘takeaway’ of tips to help keep those “young people learning, our wellbeing working and our CPD growing”.

The Talking Teachers Podcast is available to download on iTunes, Spotify and Podbean!

Episode 3 Andy Buck – all things leadership

During episode 3 the podcast is joined by Andy Buck, author of Leadership Matters and guru of all things leadership.

The episode hopes to give you an insight into the world of leadership, support those who are leaders and give those thinking about leadership some tips.

This truly is a cracker of an episode. Listen to it here.

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