Leadership Matters Tools, Resources and Benefits


LM PERSONA : This is an online tool that gives leaders a unique insight into their leadership predispositions.

LM 360 : This online tool allows leaders at all levels to gather confidential feedback from colleagues quickly and easily and compare it with their own perceptions.

LM VIDEO : This currently offers 30 leadership development videos presented by Andy Buck that dovetail with his Leadership Matters book and Reflective Journal – LM Video increases from 30 to 40 topics in September 2018 as does the Leadership Matters Book, the Leadership Matters Reflective Journal and chimes perfectly with the 40 topics in the new tool LM Present.

LM SURVEY : This is a uniquely simple way for schools to create bespoke surveys of pupils, staff and parents.

Released in January 2018

LM MEET : Are free regional leadership development conferences hosted by Andy Buck throughout the year exclusively for Leadership Matters members featuring exciting keynotes, interactive workshops and insight into the latest thinking on leadership learning and development.


LM BOOKS : Purchase a range of Leadership Development books at significantly reduced prices for Leadership Matters members.

LM INITIATIVE : To make a difference, where education is not easily accessible, we pledge to sponsor a child for every 100th subscription taken out with Leadership Matters.

Due for Release from September 2018

LM PRESENT : A bespoke series of 40 slide presentations that correspond perfectly with each of the 40 video topics, the 40 topics in the Leadership Matters book and the 40 topics in the LM Journal.

LM STYLE : An online tool that helps leaders identify the leadership styles they are likely to over or underuse.

LM INSIGHT : A source of over 100 pieces of key leadership research and thinking curated by us to save you time.

LM TEMPLATE : A collection of simple, effective and essential leadership development templates for schools to download and use.

LM PEOPLE : A platform that gives you the opportunity to contact LM recommended coaches, trainers and keynote speakers.

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