Subscription Details

  • How can I purchase Leadership Matters for my school?

You can purchase Leadership Matters simply on www.leadershipmatters.org.uk/register. This will take you through a step-by-step guide on how to buy online. If you would like to discuss Leadership Matters further, please contact a member of the new subscription enquiries team on 020 8221 9080.

  • What is the process to re-subscribe my account?

We will notify you in advance for when your account is due for renewal. You can renew your account by logging on then selecting ‘MY ACCOUNT’ then ‘My Subscription’. Please note that only the Lead User can action this.

Daily Account Management

  • I can’t login to my account because I have lost/forgotten my password?

You can click the ‘Forgot Password’ link here: www.leadershipmatters.org.uk/login. This will email you a new password to log back in.

  • How do I add an additional user account for my school?

Only the Lead User of your school account can add, remove and manage users. Once logged in select ‘MY ACCOUNT’ then ‘Organisation Users’. At the bottom of the page select either ‘ADD USER’ or ‘INVITE USER’.

There is no limit to the number of users a school can have – as long as they are from your school.

TIP – if you want to invite lot’s of staff, the quickest method is to copy the URL link (on the Invite User page) and send to all staff via email to create their accounts!

  • Can I change the Lead User on my school account?

Yes if you would like us to change the Lead User please email us at [email protected] We will need your school account details and the designated person you would like to take over the account with their email address. Please note this can take up to 24 hours to come into effect.

  • Can I add a user from a different School?

Unfortunately not. Each subscription is designated per school. If someone at a different school would like access, their school will need to join Leadership Matters. Please do however refer us across!

Leadership Matters Tools

  • How do I review or amend my LM Persona/LM 360/LM Survey/LM Style?

Once logged on you can access your tools at ‘MY ACCOUNT’ then ‘My Tools’ then Select Tool
Here you can view old reports, add more participants to a 360 review, re-open a closed 360 review, force a LM Survey to close early and much more!

  • What resources are on Leadership Matters and why would they be useful for my school?

Leadership Matters tools can be used for a wide range of benefits within your school. Here is a link to a short video introducing you to them: www.leadershipmatters.org.uk/lm-videos/intro-2

  • What is the model that underpins Leadership Matters?

Find out more about the Leadership Matters model that underpins the book and LM video series here: www.leadershipmatters.org.uk/lm-videos/intro-1

  • How long does it take for purchased books to arrive?

Books will be delivered direct from our supplier within 10 working days to your school.

How do I cancel My Subscription?

If you would like to cancel your subscription of Leadership Matters, please click here. This will come into effect from the end date of your current subscription.