LM People

Clive Westall

Leadership Coach, Leadership Trainer

Specialist Area: Coaching and mentoring for both individual school leaders and leadership teams. Clive is a qualified ‘Executive Leadership Coach’ (International Leadership and Management Level 7)

Clive offers high quality professional coaching and mentoring to individual leaders (either face to face or via skype), as well as delivering leadership training to school leadership teams. Through the support and challenge he provides, he has helped to facilitate meaningful improvements that have led to positive outcomes.

Clive is able to offer:

  • High quality professional individualised coaching for middle and senior leaders ,
  • Coaching training programmes that lead to positive and productive cultures across organisations,
  • Training to enable leaders to become effective coaches.


As a member of the ILM and the ICF (International Coach Federation), Clive adheres to a clear ethical framework.

For clients who are coached by Clive, they can expect:

  • a commitment to supporting individuals confidential sessions
  • a coach who adheres to the highest standards of self-awareness
  • a respect of the coaches’ need for a non-judgemental space to reflect in
  • a transparent and straightforward process of engagement

My history

Clive has been a Headteacher for over 20 years and has worked in a wide range of leadership, training and consultancy roles, both in the UK and Internationally. Clive has led academy, voluntary aided and local authority schools, as well as an international school in Dubai. Clive is currently Headteacher of Aylward Primary School in Harrow.

During his career as a Headteacher, Clive successfully opened and established two brand new schools. He most recently turned a school ‘causing concern’ to becoming a good school. He has worked as a Local Leader in Education, a School Improvement partner and SIAMS Church school inspector.

Clive has experience working in the state, private and voluntary sectors.

Clive describes himself as an approachable hard working headteacher, who just wants to do his best for the children and colleagues in his care!

My contact information

Email[email protected]

Tel – 07983 175283


‘Clive was great. He made me feel relaxed and comfortable; reassured me about confidentiality which allowed me to trust him with whatever I was thinking and then saying. He focussed upon my issues; allowed me time to explore the issues we identified that eventually led to a decisive outcome. Clive’s questions were targeted, well timed and were crucial to developing insight into issues. He was skilled at pacing the coaching session so that it felt like there was plenty of time but the sessions were always done in a timely manner.’

Katrina Mildner, Headteacher, Pinner Park Junior School, Harrow

‘The coaching process that Clive provided was extremely helpful and it enabled me to take the next step towards self-management of my career. Clive demonstrated a calm environment, as well as, the ability to relay back what I had said whilst keeping focused on the direction/outcomes. I felt I was listened to, by someone who invested in what I had to say and who was there to really help.

I appreciated having the time to process what is going on in my life and having someone to relay back and make sense of any patterns or repetitions in what I was saying.’

Jenny Mackay, Hawkesdown House School, London

‘Clive listened well and gave me prompts that allowed me to plan my own next steps.

I was made to feel comfortable and at ease when discussing things. Clive drew out my thoughts and helped me to address what I was thinking about, from different angles/approaches.

I didn’t feel judged or pushed towards decisions. As a result of the professional coaching Clive delivered, I was able to think through things in a more systematic way and reflect upon my situation with greater clarity.’

Louise Kelly, Deputy Headteacher, Aylward Primary School