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Naomi Ward

Leadership Coach

Education Connected is a Coaching Consultancy which believes that the school environment is enhanced from the integration of a coaching culture. We also believe that every teacher deserves a Coach. The Founder, Naomi Ward is an experienced Teacher, Education Leader and Coach; Emma Hackett is a Careers Coach specialising in working with parents and Nicky Chambers is a Careers and Confidence Coach who works with the Young Women’s Trust and The Diverse Leaders Network.

Teachers are drawn to the profession by a love for working with young people and their subject. We understand the factors that can crowd out the original passion that teachers brought into their classrooms. Naomi and her associates work with you to support teachers to reconnect with what is important and take back control of their values, strengths and vision for their careers.

Our coaching does not revolve around school targets or SMART goals. It is an integrated approach meaning that it acknowledges the whole person: their physical and mental health, their careers, their fears, family life and dreams for the future. We are not experts at solving problems for an individual, but we are experts at helping individuals and teams to find clarity in order to take control of their own lives in the present moment and the future.

In addition, we are experienced trainers, and can help organisations to develop a sustainable coaching culture.

As well as working with teachers, Education Connected has designed an innovative, personalised Careers Coaching Programme for students which aligns with the Gatsby Benchmarks. This has been developed in association with Careers Coaches from the Corporate sector and uses tested psychometric tools. At the heart of the programme is the conviction that the young person is in the driving seat. We ask them to courageously connect with who they are and what they want. We then use our knowledge of communications within the modern world of work to put planning into bold action.

Specialist Area Details

  • Confidence and Careers Coaching for Students
  • Integrated Coaching for Teachers
  • Coaching for Team Performance
  • Training in a Coaching Framework for Teachers

My history

  • Media Project Manager for 5 years
  • Secondary School English and Media Teacher and Faculty Leader for 15 years
  • Re-trained as a Coach in 2015 and set up Education Connected – a Consultancy dedicated to connecting Educators and Students with their purpose in order to live fulfilling lives.
  • Completed Market Research projects with Penguin Random House and BBC connecting students with world of work.
  • Editor of the #teacher5aday Handbook and Journal
  • Mum of three
  • Enthusiastic muddy trail runner

My contact information

Contact: 07968 491450

[email protected]


Twitter: @naomi7444

Fee details available with a project brief


My motivation for accessing coaching stemmed from an uncertainty in relation to a number of significant decisions and dilemmas. In just six sessions, Naomi gave me the courage to think big. She helped me to identify the voice of my inner critic and to embrace both personal and professional challenges. With Naomi’s support, I found the motivation to make a huge personal change which has seen me commit to three months volunteering overseas! Together we explored my core values and the influence and importance of these in shaping my purpose. Naomi has an intuitive, authentic and compassionate nature that allowed me to feel comfortable discussing difficult situations. I left every session feeling genuinely inspired and would have no hesitation in recommending coaching with Naomi.


Maisie Cross
Apprenticeship Coordinator

I chose to get involved in coaching because I have fairly recently entered a new role that has thrown up some fresh challenges for me. I invariably began each of my coaching session with what felt like an insurmountable obstacle ahead of me. Yet at the end of every session with Naomi, I felt hopeful about the future. With Naomi, coaching is a partnership; you negotiate your discussions together in order to reach solutions. She works well to get to know you; soon figuring out what strategies seem to work for you. Naomi’s creative and unique approaches to coaching have, over just 6 sessions, lead to us discussing my purpose and values, my workload and wellbeing, as well as my pesky gremlin. Naomi has helped me to prioritise actions that will lead to positive impact. These have already resulted in me taking care of ‘me’ enabling me to bring my best to work and life as a result. She has helped me to generate inner resources I can draw on during moments that challenge me, as well as create a wider network of external support too. Whilst you will begin your coaching journey expecting to explore certain issues, you’ll inevitably find many more unexpected insights and solutions along the way as Naomi works her magic!

Hannah Tyreman
Learning Improvement and Development Manager at The Sheffield College

Naomi is just so wise! She exudes this calm expansive competence. I have had the honour of observing her coach others and was inspired by her each time. I have also had the benefit of being coached by her. I always felt completely safe in the space she held and that she was totally with me, all the way. I would highly recommend Naomi as a coach.


Bryony Rowntree