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Richard Yeates

Leadership Coach, Leadership Trainer

Richard Yeates is a highly experienced trainer and facilitator who has supported many educational professionals in their leadership skills. He works with head teachers, senior and middle leaders as well as aspiring leaders in both the maintained and independent sectors to develop their understanding of themselves, their organisational climates and the power of applying successful leadership behaviours.

Richard co-founded Positively Leading who deliver a range of training and developmental workshops including two-day residential courses with 360 surveys to develop individual and team action plans, as well as shorter bespoke events such as ‘Your First 100 days’ and Handling Difficult Conversations’. Whole school climate surveys and other profiling tools are also employed to support improvement planning and the development of effective leadership teams. These workshops and training events have been highly acclaimed and received consistently impressive feedback and levels of satisfaction.

Richard has worked closely with several schools undertaking mergers and helped to make these successful in highly challenging circumstances. He has a passion for developing people and as a Regional Director with United Learning he has worked with the full range of schools and academies on strategy and school improvement. As a head himself he helped Ashford School achieve Teaching School status and oversaw their successful merger; he has seen three of his deputies go onto be highly effective heads in their own right and above all enjoys inspiring others to achieve well beyond their expectations.

Specialist Area Details

  • Leadership Development & Workshops for individuals and teams
  • School Mergers
  • Strategic Planning and Development
  • School Improvement
  • Coaching & Mentoring

My history

  • Led many residential leadership development workshops for Heads, Senior & Middle Leaders including teaching and support staff
  • Led courses and workshops re
    • Dealing with difficult people
    • Handling difficult conversations
    • Making the most of your First 100 Days
  • Worked as Regional Director/System Leader in supporting the strategic development of schools and academies in United Learning
  • Successful Head of over 15 years’ experience
  • Established Ashford School as a Teaching School
  • Recruited, selected, mentored and coached many Heads and Senior Leaders
  • Team Inspector for ISI for over 15 years

My contact information

For further details of all workshops and support please contact me at [email protected]


My work with Richard over the past few years as his co-facilitator on residential leadership development courses has enabled me to appreciate just why he is rated so highly by all course participants.

His gentle, wry, humour and non-possessive warmth immediately engages people at all levels of seniority and his use of appropriate, sometimes self-deprecating, examples from his own experience as Head commands their respect. Richard humanises the art of leadership and help people to really believe in themselves as leaders capable of impacting within their own unique leadership contexts.

Richard will challenge participants as appropriate but also constructively support them as they occasionally struggle to come to terms with uncomfortable ideas and feedback from others.

I have never known Richard receive anything but the highest post-course ratings from participants and comments such as “inspiring”, “re-energising” and “restoring my belief in the power of CPD” are now almost routine. I recommend Richard Yeates unreservedly as an effective and inspiring Trainer, Consultant and Coach.


Dennis Lavelle
Emeritus Training & Consultancy

If you are looking for someone with bags of experience, wisdom and skill in the areas of school leadership and school improvement, then you will be hard-pressed to find someone better than Richard Yeates.

He combines huge understanding with empathetic objectivity and a passionate zeal which will support you in what you are trying to achieve. His breadth of experience across sectors and age ranges simply adds to his attractiveness. You need not look further!

Mike Buchanan
Vice-Chair of the Headmasters' and Headmistresses' Conference (HMC) & Head, Ashford School

I have known Richard Yeates for many years in our respective roles at United Learning and as well as being an outstanding Headteacher, he has developed his skills and breadth, to be an exceptionally outstanding facilitator of leadership development programmes in our Group.

I have worked with him closely in delivering our “flagship” Leadership Development residential programme, aimed at middle and senior leaders and find his style very effective as he able to draw on his leadership experience in schools, but equally he has an infectiously warm and easy style of delivery which makes his sessions highly impactful.

Our leadership programmes have been extremely successful across the group and their impact is obvious in the delegates who have attended and Richard is a core member of our United Leadership team making that difference.

Lindsay Batchford
Deputy Director of People United Learning