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Simon Jackson

Leadership Coach, Leadership Trainer

As a serving Primary Head Teacher with seven years’ experience, I have secure and current understanding in a whole school leadership role. In this time, I have successfully gained significant knowledge and experience in Headship through a variety of key developments, just some of which are listed in My Track Record below.

I like to support and encourage other leaders and am able to act in a training, mentoring or coaching role as required. I have significant primary class teaching experience, having taught throughout KS1 & 2 for fourteen years prior to becoming non class based. As such, I have can empathise with the pressures of class teaching as well as leadership at all levels. I have significant experience in whole school action planning, including devising systems and structures designed to achieve sustainable improvement. I keep up to date with the latest reading material around school leadership and update my training accordingly.

On a personal level, I’m able to encourage a sense of optimism and resilience in other leaders and am happy to look for an opportunity to see the funnier aspects of a situation. I wish to inspire, help, encourage and reassure fellow leaders as they act in their current role. I also look forward to being inspired by both other leaders and the settings in which they serve.

Specialist Area Details

All aspects of Primary Headship, leadership development training, mentoring & coaching

My history

  • Introduction of the International Primary Curriculum (IPC), including our school achieving accredited status in the teaching and learning of IPC
  • Leading the school through a building and phased expansion project
  • Moving from good to outstanding in our current Ofsted rating
  • Converting to an Academy as part of joining a Church of England Diocesan MAT
  • Providing interview training for university graduate teachers
  • Providing leadership training for middle leaders and senior leaders both from the UK and abroad
  • Mentoring and coaching for new Head Teachers & Aspiring Leaders
  • Engage in sustained, collaborative leadership training with local cluster of Church schools led by Andy Buck
  • I became a Leadership Matters Ambassador in 2017

My contact information

Contact me via email: [email protected]


I had the pleasure to meet Simon Jackson for the first time a few months into my role as Head of IPC when I visited St Leonards school in Streatham, just after they were accredited as an IPC school.
The positive culture of the school was apparent from the moment I walked in. Simon has built a staff team focused on learning for the whole community, not only the learners.
Simon shared with enthusiasm the journey the school had been on and it was clear that his confident, thoughtful leadership had made this journey so successful.

During our Festival of Learning in London last July, Simon and his IPC lead Susie ran a workshop. I was particularly impressed with the calm insightful approach they took in sharing good practice; challenges they had faced and future developments for their own action plan alongside a genuine desire to learn from the other educators attending.
Simon remains pro-active in his and the school’s development expanding his own professional community. At Fieldwork Education, we are thrilled that Simon and St Leonard’s is part of our community, and us of theirs. We look forward to continuing this relationship.


Anna Vaughan
Head of International Primary Curriculum

St Leonards has undergone a significant transformation over the last few years. Despite the significant transformation, the school has constantly maintained an unequivocal focus on its mission. The leaders, staff and governors of the school set very high expectations for staff, pupils and parents so that each child has the best chance to achieve exceptionally well within a mutually supportive community. This was recognised by the Ofsted inspection in March 2017.

An African saying says – ‘If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far go together’ – It is interesting to note that within the first two sentences of the Ofsted report the lead inspector rightly noted the importance of the team at St Leonards and the one that works in this school has been so effective. The report further stated the crucial impact of the ‘highly effective team of leaders who have clear responsibilities’ and in the next sentence and talked of the ‘cohesive unit to maximise outcomes’. Anyone who visits the school will be instantly struck by this and is one of the reasons for its success.

Ofsted described Simon as ‘highly competent and energetic’. Since joining the school he has used his skills, and those of his colleagues, exceptionally well in the relentless pursuit of excellence, not for Ofsted, but for the pupils, parents, staff and community. The governors when selecting a headteacher refused to appoint anyone other than Simon as they were clear that it had to be a specific and special type of person. They interviewed a number of times before arriving at their decision.

Richard Blackmore
School Improvement Advisor, Ofsted Lead Inspector, Former Head of Education at Reading Education Services

Simon Jackson, headteacher of St Leonard’s CE Primary School in Streatham has been a very valued member of the Fieldwork Education community. He successfully led his school to IPC accreditation in 2017, the fourth school in the English state sector to achieve this. This was particularly notable as in the same month Ofsted visited and they were rated as an outstanding provider. This is a quote from the Ofsted report:

“The headteacher has developed a highly effective team of leaders who have clear responsibilities. They work as a cohesive unit to maximise outcomes for all groups of pupils.”

Under his leadership, the school has become a flagship school for the International Primary Curriculum (IPC). He leads by example and is always welcoming to schools from all around the world who come to visit them and learn how to implement the IPC to improve learning.

Simon has led workshops at our annual conference, ‘The Festival of Learning’ and teachers come from all over the world as well as England to learn, network and share good practice. He is also featured on our Members website as he ran a webinar for us to support schools who cannot attend the conference. He has visited the Fieldwork Education office in central London to share his passion for improving learning with the Fieldwork team and gave some wonderful examples of how the school’s shared vision links with the IPC Personal Goals.

Jane Denby
Head of Self-Review and Accreditation - Fieldwork Education