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Steve Margetts

Leadership Trainer, Leadership Key Note

Steve is the Principal at Torquay Academy, and author of ‘Everyone Succeeds’. He has seen the school become heavily oversubscribed, and student GCSE outcomes rise from 28% 5ACEM to 74% in the three years from 2014-17. Systems and routines have been overhauled and the school has focused on improving the quality of its teachers. Steve, and the school’s leaders, have worked closely with Andy Buck during this time. He is able to offer an insight into how a school can improve rapidly and offer ideas that could be implemented quickly into schools.

My history

In his book, ‘Everyone Succeeds’, Steve explains that ‘we believe an excellent school is built upon seven pillars. Effective leadership and implementation of each of these pillars can lead to an excellent school where everyone succeeds; neglecting one of these areas will have a negative impact on the school and its students.’

  • Clarity of purpose
  • Student behaviour
  • Teaching and learning
  • We can all get better
  • Curriculum
  • Data analysis and self- evaluation
  • Leadership at all levels

My contact information

As a full-time Principal Steve’s time is very limited, however he does undertake a small number of speaking engagements, usually alongside Andy Buck to offer a practical application of Andy’s theoretical models. He has also spoken on coaching and strong governance.