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Viv Grant

Leadership Coach, Leadership Trainer, Leadership Key Note

Viv Grant is an Executive Coach, Author and Public Speaker. She is the Director of Integrity Coaching, London’s leading provider of coaching services for Head teachers and senior school leaders.

Viv has been in the teaching profession for over thirty years. When she was just 31 and expecting her first child, she was appointed as one of the youngest Heads in the country to turn around a failing primary school.

It was because of her experiences as a Head, that Viv developed a deep interest in approaches for supporting the emotional and psychological well-being of school leaders.

As an Executive coach, Viv now works extensively with Head teachers and school leaders, helping them to overcome the challenges of their roles, so that they are able to maintain their humanity, joy, love for the profession and the communities they serve.

Her book “Staying A Head” is considered a seminal work in this area. Recognised as an expert in the field, she has contributed to various books and periodicals on the subject. As an expert commentator, her contributions have also been featured in The Guardian, London Live, Sky News, Radio Four, Woman’s Hour and the World at One.

Viv is also an Advisory Board member of the UK’s first Centre of Excellence for Mental Health in Schools, at the Carnegie School of Education, Leeds University

Prior to setting up Integrity Coaching, Viv worked as a lead consultant on a range of leadership development programmes for the Institute of Education, the National College, the National Union of Teachers [NUT] and the Department for Education [DfE].

Specialist Area Details

  • Coaching Headteachers
  • Coaching Senior Leaders
  • The inner work of School Leadership
  • Well-being and Stress Management for School Leaders
  • Vocation and Purpose in School Leadership
  • BAME leadership development

My history

  • As a tutor for the former National College for School Leadership, Viv designed the pilot coach training module for their Leadership Pathways programme
  • As part of the London Challenge, Viv was one of the design time at the London Leadership Centre, which designed the coaching-based development programme for Senior Leadership Teams, “Working Together for Success”
  • Viv was a lead tutor on the Institute of Education’s coaching programme for senior school leaders
  • Viv led Integrity Coaching to become one of the first companies to achieve approved status for delivery of the Institute of Leadership and Management’s (ILM) Level 5 Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring
  • Throughout her career Viv has played a lead role in designing and developing programmes to support the development of BAME teachers and school leaders.
  • She has led programmes for the DfE, the Institute of Education, the NUT/NEU, The NHS, The Parliamentary Health Ombudsman and various local authorities
  • In 2015 she was nominated as a finalist for her work in this area for the Race for Opportunity Awards

My contact information

Viv is known for her ability to connect deeply with school leaders and for enabling them to overcome the stresses of their roles, so that they are able to maintain their ability to lead and inspire others.

If you would like Viv to speak at an event, facilitate work with your SLT or work with her 1:1, she can be contacted via:

Website: www.integritycoaching.co.uk

Email: [email protected]



Coaching sessions with Integrity (Viv) gave me the time and space to reflect, reconnect with my core values and find solutions to the everyday hurdles and obstacles I faced. I found the sessions with Viv, very focused and extremely empowering. They were driven entirely by my own needs and agenda; and were therefore fit for purpose and relevant. Viv was always very flexible and also very skilled at getting me to challenge my own thinking. She was skilled at listening and asking the right questions at the right time; and also allowing me time to process my own thoughts and ideas. Each coaching session took me on a journey; sometimes exhausting, but always leaving me feeling refreshed, empowered and raring to go again, having made sense and found solutions to the issues I’d raised! Viv was very professional – I felt that I could tell her anything without fear of being judged. Talking to her felt safe – her own experience as a head teacher made her sensitive to the issues and demands of the job; she understood and was passionate about supporting me. Her skills and knowledge are excellent.

Coaching with Integrity has been the best form of professional development I have ever taken part in. I have recommended Integrity Coaching to several colleagues who have also had the opportunity to be coached by Viv and have been just as inspired as I have


Jane Woods
Headteacher - Woodlands Primary School

Viv is one of those rare people who consistently delivers above expectation. She led on the leadership development programme for aspiring black leaders in Wandsworth and on helping senior managers to become effective coaches for those staff. She brought with her, her own consummate skills in coaching and mentoring. Viv has the perfect blend of thoughtfulness, reflection, emotional intelligence and assertiveness in her teaching. I gained a great deal from her teaching, as did my colleagues. Several of the staff undertaking her programme have gone on to become successful leaders in their own right. The only thing left to say is, “more of the same, please, Viv!”

Jack Cordery
Service Director for Cornwall Children and Family Services

I have so much to say. I simply do not know where to start. Integrity by name, ethos, and practice. The coaching I received, and can still access has pushed and supported me in so many ways to be able to understand that I can be a school leader and an educational activist without losing myself and who I am.

Marilyn Ross
Headteacher - Michael Tippett School and Executive Head - Michael Tippett College