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Build and Sustain

Why do transparency matter and how can you build trust in those you work with? Why does looking after the little things matter? How can you resolve conflict more effectively? How can you build effective partnerships with others outside your organisation?

Topic 21: Transparency and Trust

Why do transparency and trust matter? How are they linked? What practical steps can school leaders take to build transparency and trust?
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Topic 22: Little Things Matter

Why do the little things matter? What small actions can school leaders take that can make a big difference to their engagement with staff and their overall effectiveness?
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Topic 23: Managing Conflict

How can school leaders practically manage situations where staff don’t agree or there is a conflict that needs resolving? What are the strategies available and when should they be used?
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Topic 24: External Partnerships

Why do external partnerships matter? What practical steps can leaders take to make sure partnerships are effective and worthwhile?
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