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Find out about the key theories that we believe underpin great school leadership at all levels within the education system. Explore what we mean by discretionary effort and what leaders can do to promote it. Examine what makes great leadership development and discover all the resources that Leadership Matters can offer to support your own leadership journey.

Topic 1: Leadership Matters Overview

How do we think about leadership at Leadership Matters? What are the underpinning theories and models that support everything we do?
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Topic 2: Discretionary Effort

How can school leaders build greater engagement in staff in all roles and all levels within a school or organisation?
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Topic 3: Effective Leadership Development

What does effective professional development look like in practice for school leaders? How does this fit with what we offer at Leadership Matters?
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Topic 4: Leadership Matters Resources

What can Leadership Matters do to support you in your own leadership development? What is the range of support offered online and in publications and events from Leadership Matters?
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