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Leadership Approach

What do we mean by leadership style and how can you make sure that you adapt your approach to suit your context or situation? What is ‘asking first’ and why is it a powerful way to tailor you approach to those you are working with? What do we mean by a coaching approach and what does it look like in practice? How can you use the benefits of coaching to improve outcomes in your context?

Topic 37: Leadership Styles

What do we mean by leadership styles and why do they matter? How can school leaders use models of leadership styles to increase their effectiveness?
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Topic 38: Ask First

What do we mean by asking first? What does this powerful leadership practice look like in action and how can school leaders develop the habit?
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Topic 39: Coaching Approach

What is a coaching approach? Why does it matter? How can school leaders practically develop their ability to use this powerful way of enagaging with colleagues?
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Topic 40: GROWTH Coaching

What is the GROWTH coaching model? How can it support leaders at all levels to bring out the best in colleagues at all levels in formal coaching sessions as well as everyday conversations?
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