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Personal Qualities

What is emotional intelligence and what can you do to improve yours? Why does self-awareness matter in leadership? How can you find out more about your own leadership pre-dispositions? How can you build your own personal residence and courage? Why does your own personal humility matter and how do you know?

Topic 5: Emotional Intelligence

What is emotional intelligence? Why does it matter? How can school leaders build their EQ?
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Topic 6: Self Awareness and Predisposition

Why does self-awareness matter? What influence does personality pre-disposition have on leadership behaviours and what can leaders do to be even more effective when they know?
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Topic 7: Courage and Resilience

What do we mean by developing resilience? What practical steps can school leaders take to build their capacity to ‘bounce back’?
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Topic 8: Humility

What do we mean by humilty? Why does humility matter in leadership? What should school leaders focus on?
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