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Plan and Organise

What does great planning and organisation look like in schools? How do you prioritise to make sure you have the biggest impact in a way that is manageable? How can checklists enable you to ensure great performance each time you or colleagues do something? How do you make sure your own personal organisation is first class and enabling not demotivating others?

Topic 33: Prioritisation

Why is prioritisation so important in schools? What can school leaders do to be even better at prioritising? What practical models can help?
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Topic 34: Managing Change

Why is it important to plan for change in school? What does a good change management process look like in practice? What models can help?
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Topic 35: Checklists

How can checklists be a powerful tool for certain activities in school? When should leaders use them and what do good checklists include?
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Topic 36: Personal Organisation

Why does personal organisation matter so much in schools? What is really important for leaders at all levels to get right and how can they make this happen?
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