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Your Situation

Why does an understanding of your context matter and how can you gather the most important information? Why should you adjust your approach to suit your situation or the people you are working with? Are there ways to make sure you use the right approaches when you are managing the performance and behaviours of others?

Topic 9: Context

Why does understanding context matter? What practical models can support school leaders to think about their context in a way that supports effective improvement?
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Topic 10: Monitoring and Data

Why does data matter and how should school leaders use it in a way that makes the biggest difference? What are the traps to be avoided?
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Topic 11: Performance and Predisposition

How can school leaders work with colleagues in a way that plays to their natural strengths whilst acknowledging areas for growth and development?
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Topic 12: Performance Behaviour and Values

How do school leaders bring out the best in colleagues who demonstrate different levels of performance or personal values and behaviours?
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