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Welcome to LM Video. This Unique online library of over 30 videos features Andy Buck talking about the leadership models and practical ideas that underpin his best-selling book Leadership Matters.


Each video links to a specific topic from the Leadership Matters book and fits exactly with the structure of the Leadership Matters reflective Journal. We will be releasing one of the 10-minute videos every week, so keep an eye for what is new!

Whether you are using the Leadership Matters book as part of a leadership development programme, or just reading the book yourself, why not bring it alive with LM Video?

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Release date: 08.01.2018 / LM Video

Advice on Managing Team Performance

It can be easy to fall into the trap of treating all your staff or team the same. The reality […]

Release date: 15.01.2018 / LM Video

How to have Difficult Conversations – Part 1

These are never easy and you may well be putting one or two of these off! This video explores why […]

Release date: 22.01.2018 / LM Video

How to have Difficult Conversations – Part 2

When it comes to having these conversations, the very start of a discussion can be crucial. Adapted from the work […]

Release date: 29.01.2018 / LM Video

The Importance of Creating Consistency

When it comes to school improvement, consistency is central. It shouldn’t matter which class, which subject or which year group […]

Release date: 05.02.2018 / LM Video

Advice on how to Prioritise for Maximum Pupil Impact

You never have enough time. You just don’t. So unless you plan to work even longer hours which probably isn’t […]

Release date: 19.02.2018 / LM Video

So What Actually Is Managing Up?

You may well think of managing up as a surreptitious activity where you get your line manager to agree to […]

Release date: 26.02.2018 / LM Video

Advice on how to Run Great Meetings – Part 1

This first video explores sixteen practical suggestions for what makes a great meeting. Many of the ideas you will already […]

Release date: 05.03.2018 / LM Video

Advice on how to Run Great Meetings – Part 2

How you structure meetings can really make a difference to how effective they are in practice. This video examines some […]

Release date: 12.03.2018 / LM Video

Bringing Out The Best From Your Team

We all have things we are good at and things we find harder. This video introduces a model that helps […]

Release date: 19.03.2018 / LM Video

Building Relationships Big Enough – Part 1

It’s the little things that matter, so the saying goes. This video explores some of the practical ways in which […]

Release date: 26.03.2018 / LM Video

Building Relationships Big Enough – Part 2

Building trust within your team is a fundamental prerequisite for your success and the ultimate success of your pupils. Based […]

Release date: 16.04.2018 / LM Video

How to Make the Most of Your 1:1 Meetings

If you have 1:1 meetings with members of your team, this video should offer you some practical suggestions which you […]

Release date: 23.04.2018 / LM Video

Guidance on Making the Most of Inspection

Using a simple model, this video explains one way you can make sure that you and your colleagues do yourselves […]

Release date: 30.04.2018 / LM Video

Conducting Successful Appraisal Meetings

As well as ongoing informal dialogue, you are probably required to formally line manage one or more colleagues. Part of […]