INADEQUATE to OUTSTANDING: A Leadership Success Story

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As a leadership team, we recognised the importance of modelling ourselves as learners to all our staff and also knowing our strengths and areas of development. We discussed how when observing lessons or triangulating evidence for teaching, we also give staff feedback on strengths and areas for development. We felt that it was important to do the same for our leadership.

We used LM 360 tool that was available on the Leadership Matters website to provide us with our individual strengths and areas for development. We initially spent some time digesting the report on our own, giving us time to consider and reflect on our areas
for development. We then agreed to publish our next steps for all staff to see. We displayed our areas for development in the staffroom and the then asked any
staff across the school to sign up to mentor us for six weeks on each of our specific areas for development.

We met our mentors weekly and they coached us and gave us feedback. We used the feedback sandwich to structure the feedback. After six weeks, we completed LM360 again to see if we had improved our leadership. We then celebrated and shared this with the school. We all felt that LM 360 helped us to develop our leadership and also our credibility as leaders across the school.





Rupinder’s Leadership Matters 3 Top Tips

 1.  We completed the persona survey and used this for performance management for leaders

2. We have a reading group in our leadership team meeting and use articles from the website to discuss and see how this related to us

3.  We have an article of the week in the staffroom and have used articles from the website for this


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