Cameron Parker

Cameron Parker is the leader of the younger generation: world class youth coach and speaker.

Cameron has spoken on stages both big and small across the UK and Europe educating and inspiring thousands of young people to level up their lives and upgrade their mindsets.

Cameron offers bespoke pupil premium packages to support schools in closing the attainment gap. Cameron’s mission is to develop the character, confidence, and creativity of 14 – 18-year-olds, resulting in an increase in educational performance, whilst preparing their mindset to survive and thrive in this new era.

Cameron also offers an online service; motivating your students to do the work at home in this uncertain time. It is no secret there are many distractions at home; therefore we can set our students as much work as we want, but if they don’t have the tools around working effectively then their productivity will be low.

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Twitter: @CamParkerD2R   | LinkedIn: Cameron Parker 

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