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Identify your dominant leadership style and discover those to improve

Goleman's 6 leadership styles are recognised across every sector. Identify which styles you are more inclined to use and how you can benefit from trying new approaches to support personal and team development with 30 thought-provoking questions.

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Get a report on your leadership tendencies

LM Style will send you a report on the likelihood of you using each leadership style where you can easily identify your leanings.

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LM Style

Interpreting your results

The graph above does not describe how you will always act as a leader, but it may give you a useful insight into those leadership styles you tend to use more than others. As with LM Persona, this tool is merely giving you some feedback on your predispositions. Rather than define who you are as a leader, it just gives an indication of you are more likely to behave.

Enhance your strengths

Understanding which leadership approach will be most effective across different scenarios will enable you to shape outcomes your way.

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Develop the styles you're least inclined to use

Ensure you are ready for every context by reflecting on and improving the leadership approaches you don't naturally implement with the tips and next steps as part of the report.


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