Helen O’Donoghue

Sunridge Associates was founded by Helen O’Donoghue with the passion to improve children’s learning and draws on Helen’s experience working in schools, leading schools in the UK and internationally, using her first-hand experience towards school improvement.

Helen is an experienced educator with over thirty years of experience in the field, as a result of which she is a much sought-after trainer, consultant, leadership coach and conference speaker, working in the UK and internationally.

Over a number of years Helen has worked  with leadership teams, teachers, governing bodies, starting from their own context and seeking to bring improvement in children’s learning.

She listens carefully to the school’s narrative and context and shares their learning journey through trusted dialogue and communication. She makes good use of reliable and current research to inform her training and consultancy with them and uses the school’s collective experience and her own experience towards improvements.

Helen’s leadership experience has seen her lead two IB World schools, opening two Free Schools in London and delivering bespoke training and consultancy around the world. In the last year Helen has worked in a number of countries including China, USA, the Netherlands, Romania, El Salvador, Venezuela, Norway, Turkey, Switzerland, Ethiopia as well as the UK.

She offers guidance and support in a range of educational settings, as well as addressing conferences, and with leading organisations. She works closely with COBIS schools, has links with ISA and New Schools Network and is a senior associate trainer for both Fieldwork Education and Thinking Schools International.

She is also a professional ambassador for the British Council.

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