Nicholas McKie

Nicholas McKie is a Certified Professional Coach and Master Leadership Practitioner working with individuals, teams and organisations all over the world to unlock their leadership potential and enhance the quality of educational practice. The Director of Persyou, Nicholas specialises in leadership and transition coaching and development with leaders in education, professional sport and the corporate sector. He is also an Accredited Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Nicholas’ career path has been rich and diverse, starting as a professional musician, before entering teaching in the UK and then internationally, rising to school Principal and ISI inspector. He has led schools in Japan, Egypt, China, the US as well as the UK. This background gives him a unique perspective on leadership in a plurality of settings, which he has pursued both through coaching and in print.

Nicholas combines coaching and leadership development with his role as a Senior Teaching Fellow at the University of Warwick. With his wealth of overseas teaching experience, Nicholas leads on international education programmes, having developed and established Warwick’s inaugural PGCE international course as well as lecturing on the local PGCE programme.

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